How to deal with hard burrs?

author: hengzhan
▷Choose a suitable process according to product characteristics and requirements:
In terms of plastics, in addition to liquid nitrogen and dry ice, lasers can also be considered; in terms of metals, in addition to the tool selection and processing path of CNC machining itself, the post-process is similar to magnetic/rolling/vibration grinding, mechanical polishing/grinding, fluid polishing, plasma Polishing etc.

▷Machining section to deal with hard burrs:
①It is recommended to use a 4-blade carbide knife, and the brand can first choose international brands such as Kyocera, Kennametal, Sandvik, etc.;
② Determine the appropriate amount of semi-finishing and fine-finishing cutting tools through verification, and match the forward and reverse rotation of the cutting tools and the empty run after finishing;
③If the structural characteristics allow, use a forming knife (chamfering) or a separate knife fillet. The cost of the tool can be replaced by a domestic brand in the future, and the balance point between tool life and cost can be found through verification.

▷Tunnel magnetic grinding:
①Each product is ground separately with a hanger, which can avoid extra DDS during the grinding process;
②There are conventional 0.50mm*0.50mm magnetic needles available;
③Suitable for mass production, the hanger can be shared with the next cleaning process, which can save labor costs;
④Easy to realize automatic production;
⑤ No effect on the overall size of the product (flatness needs to be verified for different grinding times/frequency).

▷ Fluid polishing:
①Suitable for metal and non-metallic materials;
②Especially suitable for products with special-shaped structures;
③Equipment/consumables (mainly composed of walnut powder or polymer materials) have low cost, simple operation and moderate efficiency;
④Walnut powder or polymer materials have various particle sizes, Different materials/particle sizes are combined with rough, medium and fine polishing to remove burrs and high-gloss surfaces;
⑤ has little effect on the overall size of the product;
⑥ has almost no dust pollution and no waste gas and water discharge.
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